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Good reasons for taking your dog or cat to a professional groomer:

  • Some breeds have continuously growing hair such as the Bichon frises which needs cutting every 4 to 6 weeks in order to keep a good clean style to their coat. Dogs or cats with heavily matted coats will need to be clipped out. Both these tasks are better carried out by a professional groomer who is qualified to create specific cuts to suit different breeds.
  • Foot health is important for dogs or cats and clipping of nails is one of the services groomers offer. Long untrimmed claws can cause bone problems, making walking painful.
  • Ears are always checked by professional dog and cat groomers and hair is removed to improve air flow as appropriate. Infections or foreign bodies eg. grass seeds are checked for and treatment or advice given.
  • Anal glands which can irritate and cause discomfort to your dog can be easily treated by having them squeezed and emptied by a professional groomer.
  • Professional advice on how to keep your dog or cat in tiptop condition is always given and will inform owners of any behavioural or changes in general health.



Grooming your dog or cat at home has many different benefits:

  • Spending time interacting with your dog or cat as you carry out grooming tasks will strengthen the bond between the two of you. As you calmly reassure your animal he or she will relax and help you to enjoy each others company.
  • By brushing your dog or cat regularly you will become familiar with your dog or cats body. You will recognise if there are changes or any lump or bumps which could help early identification of a potential problem.
  • Blood circulation is naturally increased with brushing and healthier skin and hair is the result
  • Checking your dog or cats feet for foreign bodies or sore points is easily done whilst carrying out your brushing regime.
  • Grooming removes dead hair and skin which improves both the look and the condition of your dog or cats Coat.