If your pet goes missing, you want them back at home with you as soon as possible, and that's why microchipping makes sense.

We can microchip your pet quickly and painlessly, giving you the best chance to be reunited with your lost or stolen pet.

The microchip also makes it easy for vets to contact owners in case emergency procedures and they take just minutes to implant.

Perfect Paws are qualified to apply microchips to dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets for just £12 and now that the government has announced that all dogs will need to be microchipped by 2016, it's the perfect time to book an appointment.

At Perfect Paws we use the Petlog System of microchipping. This Kennel Club managed database is the UK's largest for microchipped pets. Visit for more information.

Get in touch to make an appointment or to find out more.

My wife & I were very pleased with the service we received from Ellie & her operation. The grooming parlour was spotlessly clean and I was surprised at the professional manner she gave. Freddie has not looked this good within the 8 years we have had him. We will definitely be using Ellie again.

Mr & Mrs Clarke

Owners of Freddie - Ragdoll Cat

Ali, being a rescue dog is not easy to hand over to anyone, but Ellie was so lovely with her. She did a superb job of clipping, and bathing Ali; who with her pre existing injuries is not easy to do, and I had a very clean, well groomed and happy dog after. Ellie is the only person who I would send my dog to, and I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Krysta Moody

Owner of Ali - Labrador Retreiver